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Hey, I am looking to get a spider, specifically a wolf spider tattooed on my neck/upper back. I'd like it to be pretty realistic and 3d (like it's crawling up). Attached some pics for influence. Any other ideas? Colors? Different spot on body? Size?

I am in the Phoenix area, anyone know a good artist/place that would be good for this??




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    • i thank everyone for their kind words. i was thinking of adding a little geometrical into this sleeve, how do you think that would play out? also for the cherry blossom, i have opted for red, giving it slight highlights. would appreciate some advice!  
    • Hi all! New here. Been posting on a few forums just to get some kind of idea about my first tattoo. I’ll give you guys some background and a picture and would love some input! - it’s my first tattoo, it’s on my wrist - I got it Nov 12th. I washed it with unscented soap soap 3-4 times a day and used aquafor afterwards and when it was dry for the first 3 days and then switched to unscented lotion (I’m learning I may have overused the lotion) - the tattoo took probably less than 10 minutes overall - I can’t go back to my original artist because I got it done on vacation.    I think that that pretty much covers it? Any input would be appreciated!  
    • Looks to me like you over moisturized and then it chaffed and then you've got scabs. That happened to me once. It'll heal but might need a touch up.
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