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What do you think of this artist for a full back tattoo - black and grey realism?

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Hi. :)

I was just wondering what you all thought of this tattoo artist (Dragos).

I'm looking to get him to do my full back tattoo in black and grey realism - it'll (hopefully) be a highly detailed realistic tattoo of a dragon facing a ronin/samurai.

Do you think Dragos is up for the job? I know it's premature to say (I've had my consultation with him and played £40 for his custom design) having not seen his design yet. But what do you guys think of his work and talent?

Feels like I'm bitching about him behind his back... He's a really nice guy. I really like his art, tbh, but I can't see anything as big and detailed as I want... But he has done very realistic and detailed art, as shown in his portfolio. It'd be fine, right? Surely he'd be up for the task?

Worrier here.

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3 hours ago, SStu said:

He's pretty good, but not overly detailed in his execution, so it kind of depends on what you want to have done. 

Well I certainly want a high level of detail - basically, I want a realistic mythological creature, so the detail needs to be there...

Do you have any artists in mind who might be who I'm looking for? I don't mind travelling, but I live in the UK.

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The photo realism style isn't something I personally track so much, but there is no doubt there are at least a few world class artists in that field over there. Take your time and keep up the research. The right artist will fall into place in time. 

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21 hours ago, PinkUnicorn said:

Might be tricky! :1_grinning:

I know, I was thinking that as I was writing it - but I love oxymorons, so went ahead with it anyway.:8_laughing:

Besides, in theory it wouldn't be difficult - there are many beautiful lizards out there. And as I've provided reference pictures to him as to the type of dragon I prefer (snake-like, oriental-style) it shouldn't be hugely difficult...

The most difficult part will be achieving realism out of it. Then again, my reference pictures are all in realistic style.

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