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Tattoo thoughts


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I know there are many answers possible to this query and it is a personal choice... blah blah... but my brain is fried thinking about next steps.  Gimme some thoughts please!

I want to continue down the arm, probably full sleeve but not necessarily in neo trad style.  My general leaning is towards wildlife, snake, flowers, maybe a bit of a horned god cernunnos thrown in... Would you go for something that has a full flow or just join individual things up.  It could be japanese I reckon but could it look cool with realism or black & grey for instance?  This was a cover up and although happy enough with it I really feel it isn't a finished piece.  But I don't need to tell you guys that  ;-)

What would you do?


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3 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

You have so many great choices in the UK. If you're not in a big rush, hit up the London Tattoo Convention in later this year.

Not against travelling anywhere, just need to have an idea what I'm looking to do as a follow on from the raven - content and style.  Flowing theme or spliced, unrelated individuals.  Morag Sangster (or Richard Pinch but talked to Morag and she seems cool) in Scotland for Japanese, countless others for B&G or neo traditional, realism etc.

If I was to start with a blank arm, that would be easy (okay maybe just easier).  To be honest, just like my movies, I am often more interested in how they look (and sound - movies) as to what they are saying but a good story is always a bonus.  Colours and detail, love the attached, for example, by Kurt Wiscombe of Canada or something similar to Tomo's Japanese sleeves - perhaps get somebody to swap out the Japanese Noh mask demons for a pagan horned god and splice the cultures?

This is turning into a self help post... maybe I just need to express it publicly...  anybody feel free to discuss actual styles and content ;-) ? 

KurtWiscombe pic.jpg



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