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Hi, I have two tattoos on my arm and have decided I want to cover my whole arm now. The swallow and rose on inner forearm, and cherub on inside bicep. I know its a little bit mixed style but I was wondering if i could get that turned into a sleeve? If not, best option for the future. ThanksIMG_0280.thumb.jpg.069968dbafd5144cc2df400f00f4786a.jpgIMG_0366.jpg.efacf5659a35ff935a9507605286ea84.jpg

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No worries ... :)

You are the one who will wear them ... so while it's not necessary that they all be filled with profound meaning, I do think it's better if the ideas come from you.

Take your time and enjoy the brainstorming, which is a fun part of the process and leave the puzzle of making it work to the tattoo artist. :)

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