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Can I add color to a shaded black and grey tattoo?


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Hello! I joined this forum because I have a specific question about my new tattoo and I'm looking for some advice. 

I got these flowers, supposed to be peony and roses, in my new tattoo (unfinished below). I think when the whole tattoo is finished they're going to be lost and unrecognizable. Honestly, I'm really unhappy with the way they were shaded. I was thinking about asking my artist to add some pink to the flowers so they will stand out from the snake once it is shaded. I know it will be darker, but I like the look of a muted pink.

Will adding color to my already shaded flowers look bad? Might my artist be insulted if I tell her I'm unhappy with the shading in the flowers? I go in to get it finished in a couple of days. 

Thanks for your input! 



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How long have you had that? It looks fresh, with the skin still angry. Let it heal. B&G softens up quite a bit. Yes, of course you can speak to your artist about your concerns, it is your arm. She should not get angry, and should explain to you what her plans are and show you a fully healed example of what she's doing to you.

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