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Cover up or not to cover up....


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Hello everyone. I'm Rhys from South Wales... Awseome website and some real nice tattoos in the galleries. My heads been all over the place lately on what to have done next. I've had a lot of tattoos over the years some good some bad, I had a Chinese tribal dragon on my right arm from the shoulder to my elbow which I had three laser treatments and is barely visible now. 

I have a pretty big three welsh feathers and dragon on my back which I do like, but wouldn't mind having it covered up. I had it when I was twenty (15 years ago) young and stupid. I'm just wondering if It is possible to cover up, even if it was just brought back to life a bit with some changes. I really like the Celtic look and I'm having a sleeve done possibly like the pic included. Also included is some tattoo pics which I would love to have on my back if covering over my old tattoo wasn't to much of a problem.





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Welcome :)

I actually REALLY like that dragon on your back ... I think it's awesome and personally would not cover it up, but maybe just refresh it....

But, I guess if you really feel the need ... then all you have to do is hunt down an artist who will do it ... the warrior mask is quite dark and might just be right for a cover up ... the sailor theme is intricate enough that an artist might be able to make it work also.

Good luck. :)


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