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Japanese tattoo


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Hi guys , i want to draw japanese tatto on my left breast. I have some ideas about it , but need to discuss it with people who know japanese symbols. I want to draw tiger (as my ego) meeting japanese god/demon of death in other words it is contradiction between humans ego and death , will someone tell if it will be ok ? And what is the image of japanese god of death ? 

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Do you know any resources where I can talk to tattoo masters and tattoed guys , because I am a newcomer in tattoo and dont even know how to create sketch or eplain idea of sketch?
Maybe in facebook or somewhere else ? because i though that forums become too obsolete , however i might be wrong.

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Because of Russia's proximity to Japan, there are a lot of really really really awesome Japanese-style tattoos in Russia. Here's one article:


Search through Instagram: that's the best source for images.

I don't know about combining a tiger with god of death. Hmm.... In Japanese tattooing, natural imagery like tigers usually has very specific pairings. I doubt death would be a natural pair for a tiger.

A tiger can also be one of the four symbols, none of which mean death:


Lastly, look at this page for descriptions of the death gods in Japan:


And @SStu is right, ask your tattooer!!!!

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