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Hi there - I live in Chicago and have a mere three tattoos. I've gotten them all in the past six months; once I decided to start, I got the bug! Just posted my most recent one in the latest tattoo lowdown. My other two are below. The bird, my 2nd, is by DJ Pearson at Awaken Tattoo in Chicago (fresh pic); the hibiscus/clover is by Ashley Wollaston at Speakeasy in Chicago (one month healed pic). I'm pretty committed to black and black-and-grey pieces; no color on this skin! 



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6 hours ago, Devious6 said:

Welcome to the forum - and nice work!

Thanks!  I'm a grown up army brat :) whose father is not thrilled with my work (I think he associates tattoos with enlisted men, spring breakers, and prisoners, not his little girl) but hey, I'm 29 and confident in my choices! And even he admits they're well done 

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I'm my generation, normally the only officers who sported tattoos were Mustangs who came up through the enlisted ranks. Certainly, times have changed for the generations since then but, unfortunately, some bias remains. I got my first when I was a few weeks short of 61 - a bucket list item and glad I did it. I am now president of a small college - another group that is not well known for sporting ink. I actually enjoy breaking the stereotype to encourage people to understand that who we are on the inside is the real test of who we are as people. I love my ink - regularly hire people with and without it - and look forward to my next tattoo...just not sure what/where I want to do it, yet.

Be you, be confident....and love your father for who he is, not who you wish he was. Life is way too short.

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