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Japanese Style Sleeve Denver


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Hey everyone! Trying to get some help on my first tattoo. I really want to get a Japanese style Dragon themed black/grey sleeve. I just recently moved to the Colorado Springs area and im not exactly sure who's the best around here. A few friends of mine have recommended people in Denver but none of them really seem to specialize in Japanese style. This guy has awesome black/grey pieces but most of his stuff seems to be American Traditional. https://www.instagram.com/williamroycrandall2/ This guy actually does have some nice japanese stuff (I like the orange koi a lot), but he doesnt seem to have much black/grey work https://www.instagram.com/chase_tattoos/ . Does anyone know of anyone who specializes in Japanese style stuff in the Denver area? I've been searching for about a month and the 2 above seem like the best. Thank in advance!

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