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When's the best time to get my tattoo?


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So, I guess I should start off with the fact that I've never gotten a tattoo before. I've wanted one for the longest time and I chose this month to be the month to get my first one, but I've been working ~a lot~ lately and I'm not sure how long I need to wait for it to be okay to cover it up.

I'm not looking for opinions on it; I already know I'm getting it and I also know what shop I'm going to, I just need to know when's a good time.

I want my tattoo on my toe -- I want a very small, very special symbol on my toe. It's simple. But the place I work at, close-toed shoes are mandatory, and I've been working five days a week since I started a few months ago. My question is is it okay to get it one day and wear closed-toed shoes the next day? Would I need to put a bandaid on or some other type of cover under my socks?

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I like getting tattooed in the late afternoon/early evening so I can head straight to the bar after...

Kidding aside (although I'm quite serious about that), covering your fresh tattoo should be just fine.  Maybe try to get tattooed on Friday so you have the weekend to start healing/lotion-ing/following your artist's healing instructions.  Keep it clean, keep it lightly moisturized, and maybe look into Tegaderm to really protect it.

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I like getting the first appointment of the day,I like a big healthy breakfast then a 11 am or 12 ish appointment time.

that way I'm refreshed with a good night's sleep and good meal and ready to go.

then yes @el twe ,it's beers directly after and relax out of the sun the rest of the day. LOL

and like @el twe also said,good idea to get it the day before your days off from work.


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