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Good afternoon from Kiev!


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Hi Everyone I am Freddie :)

Been reading this forum for only a week or so but I knew I wanted to become a part of the site after reading a fascinating thread about the realistic ageing expectations of these hyper real tattoos (I don't want one, this was purely for my curiosity) Anyway it seems like everyone here is very informed so is a good community to be involved in!

A bit about me-
Im 23
English/New Zealand Hybrid
Currently travelling and in Kiev, where I am looking to get my first tattoo (You've got to start somewhere!)
Living with a self taught tattoo artist who operates out her bedroom . . . . yeah, its a whole lot of NOPE in my opinion too but I wont go into that minefield right now.

Look forward to meeting you all :D

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Haha yeah, I don't know how to break it to her because I don't want her to do it. Her works comes out looking good but I don't trust it will look good in the long run as she has never had formal training. 
Also I have a drawing I want as tattoo but I don't know if it will work as a tattoo and need to talk to a time served artist.

Im going to ask you guys about it as well but didn't want to join the site and start asking noob questions straight away, I'm learning alot, and then I can ask questions that have value.

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