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Hello Everyone :)

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Thanks for the reply. I'm at the beginning of my researches but for now I would say that I'm more into realistic, color and not too big ( no sleeves ).. One that would be under my clothes but I didn't decide yet. I'm looking for artists, tattoo events, and ready to pay to have a beautiful piece of art! see you on the forum!

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Welcome Alex!


Let me recommend Art Tattoo Quebec which is happening next month from 12-14 May.  There are good local, national, and international artists there and it's a fun convention.  At the very least it will give you a chance to look at portfolios and talk to people and see tattoos in person and get a good sense of what's out there.

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    • I’d suggest you do it legally. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t know Canada’s visa situation, but do your research. It’ll be a big waste to fly over and only to be turned around and sent home. 
    • Hi guys, (posting in this section as I can’t post in any other it seems) I have a guest spot in Canada all planned for next year, I’ll be going over from the UK. I just want to know what other artists usually do with getting through customs etc, as I know if they have a slight inkling that I’ll be working over there they’ll probably send me straight back home.  Ive been told about mailing over my tattoo supplies beforehand, but that also sometimes that gets denied when checked out by customs, and sent back.  I’m absolutely stumped with how to go about this, and am thinking of cancelling entirely and just having a holiday instead haha, as tickets are already bought and I don’t want to risk losing out on even being let into the country.    Thanks for any help!
    • Yes. I'm much older than you. And no, nothing is taking away from my tattoo. I like it much better than any of the ones you liked on the sheet. Hahaha. 🙂
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