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Tattoo of the Month - POLL - April 2017 (JAPANESE MASKS)

Tatttoo of the Month - April 2017   6 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for the Japanese Mask tattoo that you like the most. One vote per member!

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    • This is true, I'm not too worried about the monotone as the image I want is all black lines, and as I'm making the image larger across my chest I think this will create more negative space between the lines, however I will mention the overcrowding of lines and the possibility of it bleeding out into a big blob to him when I meet him in person tomorrow. Any other pearls of wisdom I should ask him about would be warmly welcomed!
    • Haha, that's perfect :), last week I gave them a jingle and scheduled an appointment with Aaron Coleman.   It's good to know I was going in the right direction, thanks!
    • What you need to do is some research. Find a reputable artist, experienced with coverups and see what they can do. Get multiple recommendations from people with good work.   Did you not look at what they were going to tattoo on you before they started????
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