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Got my first tattoo last month


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Hi all.  I'm Patti.  For at least 20 years I've wanted a tattoo.  Between worrying about the pain and not knowing how to find a good artist, I never got any ink.  A couple of months ago I met a guy who had two awesome colorful sleeves.  I asked him who and where his artist was, and he gave me her name and the LOCAL shop where she works.  

I sent her an email telling her my idea and asking if she'd be willing to consult with me.  I figured if i never heard from her, it would mean the universe was telling me I wasn't supposed to get a tattoo.  Surprisingly, she contacted me and we set up a consultation appointment.  Once I got the nerve to walk into a tattoo shop for the very first time, we had a good discussion and agreed on a design and placement.  I knew she typically had a 5 or 6 month wait list, so I knew I had several months to work up my nerve.  But, she had had a cancellation for a slot THE FOLLOWING WEEK!  I probably turned pale, but I decided to put on my big girl panties and accept the appointment.

Getting my first tattoo was the best thing I've done in years!  I sat for 2 1/2 hours.  The pain was a lot less than I expected.  I did say "Ow" inside my head a couple of times, but I stayed perfectly still.  

I love my first tattoo, and I got the first part of my second tattoo two days ago.  The first tattoo represents a panda that I took care of on a volunteer trip to China.  He actually sat cross-legged when he ate so that he could recover any crumbs that fell on his lap.




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Thanks for the welcome, Dan.

Yes, I'm a believer in the addiction phenomenon.  I've already booked 3 more appointments for later this year.  I'm working on a sleeve to include additional animals I've volunteered  with.  My second tattoo is a Suri alpaca I worked with in Peru.

It's good for my budget that my artist is in high demand.  And I'm finding that I enjoy the process, not just the finished art.

I love your Joaquin Phoenix quote.

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Hey welcome! That tattoo looks great!

"Ink" is one of those slang terms that is widely used to describe tattoos... outside the industry. You see it used on TV a lot, and by people who are tattoo novices (not shaming!) but it isn't used that much in actual tattooing circles, except as kind of a joke.

I really like your panda. Who's the artist?


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