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Looking to add to my existing back piece...


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So, I am looking to add to my current back piece so to cover more space, help with the balance (I always thought it looked like it was missing an element), and to merge the style with the rest of my tattoos (it is strictly black work while my other tattoos are black and grey).


As you can see from the photo, the back piece is mostly two circles: large and small. I am almost certain I want to add one more small circle to the bottom as you can see from the photo of the rough sketch. I think it will consist of a spilling sake bottle dripping down my back.    I have a couple questions though:


1. As you can see from the photo of my chest tattoo my other tattoos are greyscale. Is there an inherent clash between having strictly black work and grayscale?

2. Following up on this, would it be possible or preferable to add grey to the back piece?

3. What can I add to the top to increase coverage? Any ideas? I have thought of several things but I would like others assistance in the brainstorming process.

4. I plan on eventually getting sleeves; would waiting to add to the top until after the sleeves are complete (so to possibly run them over onto my back) be advisable? Or would that look to cluttered?




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1 = Certainly not

2 = Sure, or a combination of the black and grey

3 = almost anything Japanese inspired

4 = not cluttered if it's done right. 

As with most design questions, a lot depends on finding the right artist. Where do you live and/or is traveling an option?

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