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Hello guys! Including a question


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Hey guys and gals. I'm new to the forum, so apparantly this is the place to pop by and say hello before starting to post elsewhere. I'm a tattoo lover from Norway, I have 2 pieces so far, and in august I'm hopefully getting inked for the first time in seven (!) years. Which leads me to my question...

Ok, so I have a condition called Samter's Triad, it's completely harmless although annoying, basicly it's asthma and nasal polyps. To treat this condition I take one 300 mg pill of Disprin each day. Disprin is an NSAID, and also works as a blood thinner. I heard recently that getting tattooed while taking blood thinners is a big no-no, which when you think about it makes sense due to the risk of extra bleeding . I was not on these meds when I got my other tattoos, but I dont remember bleeding much at all. Also when I get a cut or whatever nowadays, I dont think I bleed more than anyone else does. 

I am really stressed out now, because I also heard that most artists will refuse to work on you if you tell them you use these types of meds. I called my doctor but he was busy and havent called back yet, I also think he has no clue when it comes to getting tattooed. I'm not really worried about bleeding, my main concern is that maybe the healing process will take longer - and worst case scenario: will it heal properly? The last thing I want is to go the rest of my life with a damaged tattoo. 

I am getting this tattoo! Going off the meds is one option, but then I may have to spend one week in the hospital getting the treatment done again, and I dont really want that. 

Help! Has anyone else been tattooed while being on blood thinners? I will be on these meds for the rest of my life, and I am NOT done getting inked. 

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I found a similar thread which boosted my morale quite a bit! 

Doc still hasn't called back yet, I'm gonna get his opinion but now I'm thinking what the hell, doesnt sound like there will be any major problems! 

I've been wanting this halfsleeve for a while, so reading this made me alot happier :D

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Thought I'd drop an update here. 

So last night I got the OK from my doctor, he didnt think the bleeding would be a problem, and told me I could pause the meds a couple days before just to be sure. So now I'm pretty damn happy! ? 

I initially wanted to get a whole halfsleeve (damn that sounded stupid) on my lower arm in 2 days back to back, but I'm thinking I'll just go with the inner part of my arm first. Partly to save money, and partly because I imagine healing half a limb in one go can be a hassle with a physical job etc. 

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