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Japanese Calligraphy & Tattoo Collaborative Workshop

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Hello! I'm a newbie in this forum. Seems like there are a lot going on here :)

My name is Kisyuu (姫洲), I'm a Japanese Calligrapher in Vancouver, Canada. You might not see the direct connection between Japanese calligraphy and tattoo, but many kanji (Japanese/Chinese characters) tattoos are actually written in calligraphy! I feel sad when I see people having wrong kanji or not good looking fake-calligraphy letters which were probably copied and pasted from somewhere on the internet on their skin. :( Why not learning more about Japanese calligraphy and explore with the brush and ink before you getting kanji tattoo??

This may interest some of you: I am hosting my first collaborative workshop with a tattoo artist, Billy Decola, who is an owner of Kiku Tattoo Parlour in Burnaby, Canada. 

Either you are the one who are interested in getting tattoos or you are a tattoo artist who want to learn more about brush strokes & kanji shape, please join us and experience the possibility of sumi ink & calligraphy brush!

Japanese Calligraphy Workshop at Kiku Tattoo Parlour

WHEN: Saturday, May 20th, 2017

TIME: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

WHERE: Kiku Tattoo Parlour (3299 Smith Ave B, Burnaby, BC V5G 1G5)

FEE: $65.00 CAN

During this 2-hour beginner workshop, we will go over the basics of Japanese calligraphy, including:

  • How to hold and control the brush
  • The structure and meaning of Japanese characters
  • Basic brush techniques
  • The possibilities of sumi ink
  • Express yourself with the brush and ink
  • Design your own tattoo

Everybody is welcome – no calligraphy experience or Japanese language skills are necessary. All supplies are included as rental, so no need to bring anything. Just bring yourself and curiosity! Please register from here:

WS at kiku tattoo.jpg

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