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What is the blue!?

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Hi everyone! ?? I'm excited to find a cool tattoo forum that's active still! ??

Im currently seeking advice, as most new members are! 

I got a tattoo on May 10 on my forearm. It is by far the most painful tattoo I have ever gotten. There is already some raised areas, a blurry area, and these 3 blue lines that are coming off my tattoo. They don't hurt so I don't think it's a bruise, plus it's been there no change for two weeks. I really feel like he was heavy handed, or going in to deep, but I have basically stalked the artist for years and talked to people who he has tattooed and NO ONE has ever said anything bad. So I don't know what went wrong with mine. He also did a finger tattoo same time and it doesn't look great. 

Anyways. Point being. .WHAT ARE THE BLUE LINES!?!?!? 





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Add photo, say hello!

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Thank you! To both Lol.

I really like the tattoo too, :) It's hard to get a good picture of and your phone has to be on bright but by my blue rose there are three sections that lead off that are blue. 


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