New to site HI All! Need Help with Possibly Infected Tattoo

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Hi! I went to a friend who is a tattooer( I know I know) and got a rather small tat on my wrist. A semicolon. At first it was healing normally. Then I noticed that I had hard large scabs and then started to notice the scabs have a yellowish color to them. Are there any home remedies before I make an appt with my PCP? Thank you and once again I know I know I should of went to a reputable shop and not a friend. I am so upset over this. I dont know if its something I did or my friend, but this is the first tattoo I got in a very long time and it has such sentimental meaning and Im so worried about what the outcome is going to be .Thank you in advace for your feedback ❤️

* you cant really tell by the pic but when you hold up a light to the tattoo the middle of both circles is yellow. I cant see any black at all. 



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