Day 5- is my tattoo healing properly?

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Hi all,

So this is my first color tattoo, my 5th total, but the largest of them all on my thigh. I've been using  Aquaphor and properly washing it twice daily. 

But it's still warm to the touch at times  and sore. It also sometimes stings, like I can feel my leg hair growing in and smells like a sour towel.  Should I be concerned and is it because of where it's at?

I don't think it's infected but the warmth and the occasional sting has me scratching my head. 

Helpful answers are appreciated 


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May 18th - everything is normal except for the wet towel smell. 

Move been letting it air dry completely for about 30min and then put the  Aquaphor on and now that faint smell is back. 


I just contacted me artist about it and am waiting on a response. 

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At this point, it shouldn't really be noticeably warm or stinging, and tattoos should NEVER have a smell besides soap or a faint lotion scent. Some of that scabbing looks a little questionable to me too. I think you need to see a doctor instead of waiting to hear back from an artist. It can't hurt anyway.

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Thank you for the advice. It turns out the  Aquaphor was the problem causing the smell and irritation. 

I'm now at the peeling stage and using  Lubriderm. 

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I have very sensitive skin and the DR said the ointment may also be a bad batch. But now everything is normal after switching products. 

There have been other cases in the past few months with the same issue with the  Aquaphor.


My healing process is normal and the scanning from the yellow ink is also normal it's just my skin sensitivity. 


Thank you you all for the help

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    • I'm no expert, but in my research I've learned that there's a few possible causes for this. If it's an allergic reaction it can go away on its own. Some get it days after getting the tattoo and others years - it varies person to person. If it doesn't go away on its own definitely go see a dermatologist or at the very least talk to your tattoo artist. It could also be an infection caused by lack of proper care during the healing process. I've also learned that applying too much skin care products can essentially cause itchy, white bumps. Again, I'm not an expert and someone else here will probably have a better answer for you. But if you're that worried about it talk to your artist or see a dermatologist. Good luck and try not to worry.
    • Yeah, looks normal to me as well. Just sit back and let the healing process do its thing. 
    • more pictures! I also got a traditional piece in May! I must say it's my favourite piece so far :) Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 8 Pro mediante Tapatalk
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