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June 2017, unofficial tattoo of the month contest-Roses

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so entries are open for the UNOFFICIAL  June 2017 tattoo of the month contest,

for June it's "rose" tattoos,

please post entries in this thread ,be sure to include artist name.

I will make another poll thread around the 20th or so of the month to vote in,

let's keep this alive,IMO it's fun.

post your entries through the 20th.

I will post a "Poll" on the 21st to start the voting.

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I'll throw in this healed and hairy hand and rose combo:


Got this by Uncle Allan at his shop Conspiracy Inc. in Berlin in the summer of 2015.

I got in on a cancellation on the first day of a weeks stay in the city. Afterwards I proceeded to torture it by walking around Berlin for the better part of six days, sweating in my jeans under a 36C sun. There is no way I have deserved it to heal this great.

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On 6/25/2017 at 4:44 PM, JazzyMac said:

This is a beautiful tattoo.  Please post more photos when it heals fully.

Thank you! It makes me happy every time i see it. Here are pics at about 2.5 months healed. Honestly doesn't look that different than day 1.




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