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Two tipping questions

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Posting here because they're probably n00b questions :)

1) Tip on a barter? I have something for sale locally, and I was approached by a tattoo artist about it. I KNOW him, and he's already tattooed me (the unicycle fish), so I am not in danger of getting a scratcher special. I didn't seek to barter for a tattoo. My item is of a slightly greater value than the value of the tattoo, so he is going to give me the balance in cash. So do I tip? I wouldn't expect a tip if I was providing a service in this instance.

2) Tip on a touch up? I had some red accents fall out in a recent tattoo (the hard work horseshoe). It just needs to be filled in a little, and the rest of the piece is very solid. I tipped on the full value when it was done initially, and the touch up is free.

I like both of these artists, and I'd go back to them for more work, so I wanna do it right.

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When my artist does touch ups. I don't pay the usual hourly fee but I enjoy tipping and presenting gifts. Concert tickets, paper towels, bactine,  & monster drinks are always cool. When working on a larger piece the idea of one and done dont apply. Waiting 30 days in between sessions allows my old skin to heal and the artist to see small details he would like to improve on.  The process and the journey are great when you know the shop staff and your artist. As with most things in life..a little courtesy goes a long way.

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    • I think it looks amazing!!! I actually really really love it. Don't worry, it's easy to have tattoo remorse. Especially for bigger pieces-- really, you just need some time to adjust to the change. Hopefully soon you will start feeling it as part of yourself!
    • funny thing with me, in the 80's when I started getting tattooed, I started on my lower arms, from my biceps to my wrists first. LOL now they are everywhere on my body, actually in the last 10 years or so of getting tattooed I have been placing them in the most visible spots I can find, now running out of visible room. I'm lucky,my work is 100% good with visible tattoos and I love showing them in my work and personal life, many of my coworkers also have tattoos. I love the attention I get and conversations I have because of my tattoos.
    • Yep. It all depends on how the artist's design fits in/around your existing work.  In any case many laser techs charge by the minute (with a minimum), and both of those old ones aren't very big - so hitting the black shouldn't add much if any extra expense overall for each session. They are dark enough that you'll likely need 3-4 sessions to lighten it up a good bit. 
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