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Two tipping questions

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Posting here because they're probably n00b questions :)

1) Tip on a barter? I have something for sale locally, and I was approached by a tattoo artist about it. I KNOW him, and he's already tattooed me (the unicycle fish), so I am not in danger of getting a scratcher special. I didn't seek to barter for a tattoo. My item is of a slightly greater value than the value of the tattoo, so he is going to give me the balance in cash. So do I tip? I wouldn't expect a tip if I was providing a service in this instance.

2) Tip on a touch up? I had some red accents fall out in a recent tattoo (the hard work horseshoe). It just needs to be filled in a little, and the rest of the piece is very solid. I tipped on the full value when it was done initially, and the touch up is free.

I like both of these artists, and I'd go back to them for more work, so I wanna do it right.

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When my artist does touch ups. I don't pay the usual hourly fee but I enjoy tipping and presenting gifts. Concert tickets, paper towels, bactine,  & monster drinks are always cool. When working on a larger piece the idea of one and done dont apply. Waiting 30 days in between sessions allows my old skin to heal and the artist to see small details he would like to improve on.  The process and the journey are great when you know the shop staff and your artist. As with most things in life..a little courtesy goes a long way.

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    • Hey. First of all I'm new to this forum. So, hello! 🙂 

      Ok så I'm getting a new tattoo (9.9.2018 booked) 
      And i have a specific tattoo base i know, but now i thought i want some advice/hints what would fit in  (my head is totally jammed) 

      So im getting these texts: Honor, Compassion, Truth, Wisdom, Courage, Loyalty, Respect.
      That is 100% sure, swells text fonts are locked in.
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      Hopefully i can get at least som kind of hints or maybe pictures of same stylish tattoos.. 🙂

      Thanks you in advance. 
      Oh im a Guy, and theme of the tattoo could be more symbolic, not just tribals and stuff 🙂
    • The Stewart Robson dragon penis tattoo is remarkable, intriguing and brilliant in the technical sense. There is an old thread from many years ago on LST "Areas Of Your Body You WON'T Tattoo", page 11 has Stewart's comments on that tattoo. If you search the internet you could probably find Stewart's detailed blog post and pic of it. I think that was that gentleman's first tattoo and he was prepared and had a firm vision which Robson executed with amazing skill . You could also search for Matt Gone (checkerboard man), I've talked to him in person about his tattoos. His website has some pretty graphic details about his underwear zone tattoos. You will probably have more luck getting info (or trolling) on the BMEzine backpages.  Black out "piercer arm" is one thing...but "percier arm" penis is another ! LOL just pierce your cock or do a head split if you're feeling that kinky.  
    • looking at the S02 eps on my Xfinity menu, it seems like this season doesn't include all the folks on the commercial or prior posts from Chris Grosso's IG (e.g. no DETH or Treviño). i guess the good news is, we should be getting another season?! bad news is, we gotta wait for the eps on these tattoo legends.
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