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Okay, so I have 10 tattoos, and none of them had done this, so I'm wondering if anyone on here can help me out on this. I got my latest tattoo almost a week ago (6/3/17) and it went fine. A couple days later it started to peal as usual, but then it started to scab up in a certain area. The scabbing is pretty heavy and it's accompanied with redness, arm pain from my wrist to my shoulder (tattoo located on outer forearm), and it's warm to the touch. it had some drainage under the scabs but not leaking otherwise. Is this normal? Infected? Artist overworked the area? I want to get some opinions before I make the trip to the artist to complain and find out it's nothing.


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just looks like irritation and scabs from pounding in a lot of ink in a small area with a heavy hand. i'd give it a few more weeks, i'm sure the scabs will eventually settle down. i've had tattoos look way worse when (dry) healing and they've turned out just fine. sometimes they heal like butter, sometimes the healing is more painful than getting the tattoo made.

what are you applying to the tattoo during the healing? sometimes ointments and lotions can irritate the skin. think about it...would you put lubriderm on a cut? 

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    • I am wanting a colorful big lotus on my shoulder (will be my first tattoo), and am finding artists that I like although their work is almost all in black. Is an artist who is talented in black not necessarily skilled with color?   Also, I am in Colorado and would definitely appreciate artist recommendations 
    • I did reply to this but for some reason it didn’t work.... so excuse me if for some reason I’ve posted this story twice.    a similar thing happened to me, but with my grandad. He unfortunately had a stroke and lost his marbles - previously a very proud man (an architect) and wasn’t overly fond of tattoos however.. I got a fairy tattooed on my shoulder about 10 years ago representing my grandparents because I went fairy hunting with them as a young child and it was such a special, magical time in my childhood that I wanted to keep a reminder.. anyhow. After he had his first stroke (unfortunately he had numerous) I showed him, he had tears in his eyes and stroked her gently and told me how beautiful she was. It really upset me but in a good way, because I knew at that moment it meant something to him too.    I also have “tomorrow’s another day” tattooed on my collarbone because it’s a saying my dad told me growing up (he suffered with depression, as did I growing up) so it was a constant reminder to try and remember that although today may be shit... tomorrow will hopefully be better. 
    • @oboogie that’s adorable. I want an old lady to touch my arm haha @Hollie yeah that seems to be the general consensus- doesn’t matter what people think as long as yr good with it. I think I was just seeking affirmation that it wasn’t a ‘bad tattoo’ / ‘done poorly.’ Ya know that pesky self doubt that a creeps around the brain!
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