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I think once he designs it up, it will be pretty sweet.  There's tons of tattoos out there that the concept in "our head" seems weird, but once the artist turns it around, it's fantastic.  At least you have ideas of what you want.  Some people get tattoos, and then later get "tattoo divorces".  

Not to mention, one glance in the Asian-themed concepts, and you're about 10 elements short!

Post back here with what the Quarles says.  Of course it will be months down the road.

EDIT:  Just peeped his IG, and he's got a profile of Virgin Mary with a Rose, and a head covering, her hand, a circular thing in the background, a star...I'm sure he can fix something for you based on those elements.

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7 hours ago, flipcrab85 said:

Well, I abandoned that idea. Pretty much all together, after more thought. Ended up going get one yesterday on my lower leg. I think it came out well. Photo is a little bit of a bloody mess, but ya get the picture


That looks really good, I like it.

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1 hour ago, el twe said:

Very nice.  How many LST newcomers do you think have ended up getting an animal with a dagger??

Hey, it's a staple that never gets old. IMO. If it's worked this long don't fix it. I think us rookies are limited in our creativity... 

I'll be keeping my leg the "traditional" look

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