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I was sent a link to a video recently of some "underground" boxing that is going down in New York City recently where Frank 151 among some other press from that arena covered. I've been a fan of "underground" boxing for some time and these days there is less "underground" events as so many people are pursuing boxing, mma, etc as legitimate professions as the paychecks are more regular with the increased popularity over the years. I used quotations as many of the ones deemed "underground" these days are not truly underground as there is a level of legitimacy. As well as some of the fighters doing these don't want to risk their legit fighting cards being revoked. So I've noticed many of the boxers/fighters at these events are a mix of guys training at different gyms looking to get some fights under their belts as well as people just giving it a shot. Regardless I think these events are a blast as you can get right up to the ring and watch. I know many local tattooers goto these plus when they have friends in town and one is happening they are a must see so thought this could be a fun thread for the tattoo forum......

In Oakland there were some true underground fights years ago which other cities had as well. But for us over here these days the closes thing happening are the fights/parties the East Bay Rats MC put on. Their fights have been featured on the Discovery Channel among other avenues. They do them semi regularly at their clubhouse and sometimes do larger ones in a local warehouse which are just a blast often going til the sunrises!

I'm only putting out there the ones that are already getting press and "known" so the less "popular" ones can remain that way. With that, does anyone goto these? Has anyone been to the NY ones? I love getting right up front and getting pictures which I may share later...... The girl fights seem to be the best as it takes a little while for them to get going but once they do they last way longer. The guys seem to come out swinging for the fences and shot their loads in less than a minute.

Here's the video that was sent my way:

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no. i have never been, but i could tell in one of the last scenes that it was being held at 88 palace. It's this weird banquet hall in the middle of a mall in chinatown. my friends used to throw a party there called Flashing Lights (still goes on just at a different venue).

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Before I say anything else I like the video and would like to attend a event like this but, is it just me or does it seem like everyone in the video is throwing haymakers and not really boxing. They have some moves and coordination, but for the majority of the fights and fighters its doesn't seem full of quality. Its like watching a street fight inside of a ring with gloves on (witch I don't have a problem with, its just not boxing)... So if anyone can shed some light on this matter it would be great.

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    • One of the good points about saniderm is covering the wound while it is still fresh and CLEAN. I don't know anyone who has put it on after 2-3 days but if you trap ANY dirt or bacteria under it you are literally laying an infection nest. I wouldn't do it.  Not sure where on your body the tattoo is, and 3 days into healing it shouldn't really still be oozing - but possibly cover it with a very clean t-shirt or similar and if it's still stuck to that in the morning then use warm water to disengage and then gently clean with antibacterial soap.   
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    • HE'S GOT THE BUUUUUUUGGGG!!! 😁 @minisoda not sure if you've let us know who the artist is yet, but feel free to share! check out their prior work and see what they're into. if they usually do traditional colors, they might prefer to stick to that aesthetic. if they do some crazy shit, they might be open to new ideas.  i think adding an olive branch in an open talon would look a bit strange. during your next shading and color session, bounce your addition and background ideas off your artist and see what they think. in the end, you're wearing it and they're doing it, so your two opinions count way more than us shmucks.🤓
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