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Bob asked me to sell a few paintings for him online....I wanted to contribute here before i put these up(swinggate thing) as i did not want to be parasitical(is that really a word?)

anyway i sold a few already but here are the 6 left....he may have more this week and i will post them as they materialize...the first two are the ones in Bobs new book...I figured you guys get a shot at these without gallery mark ups...I sold one to my friend (and favorite human walking the planet, mike wilson, and the way i see it if you follow Mikes example in any endeavor in life whatsoever you are doing something right...after all he is the Wilsonian institute of tattooing is he not?) you guys can contact me here about them or sctattoo@sbcglobal.net Thanks

prices are hellriders 900.00 drunksailor 900.00 horndog 900.00 panther 1200.00 tibetan skull 1500.00 and tiger 1,000.00







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PS i am almost postive i will be driving up to state of grace with bob(that is the planbut that could change at a moments notice)so we may have some of his originals up there depending on his feelings on it all...so maybe you know...convention...fat money roll in your pocket...manic mindset from being around all that creativity and insanity...maybe you could get one there idf you do not grab one here....just a thought

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