Bras and rib cage tattoos

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I'm planning on getting a large side rib cage tattoo soon.

what im most worried about is the healing process because if I wear a bra, the band will constantly be rubbing against it.


but I can't get away with going braless since  I have a large chest and I don't think it would be appropriate for me to go to work like that.  

Maybe there are some women on here who know of solutions. I was thinking I could get some of that boob tape people wear with evening dresses...not sure if that will be effective or not. Or is there a way to wear a bra and keep my tattoo protected?

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A few options...I have a flotilla of stick-on "bras" that get me through healing and are great for backless shirts.

My favorite are these: 

Very few are going to give you any support. Search the forum for "The Ladies Thread". I think this is discussed there, too!

I ordered a new brand last week that is a LOT cheaper but it hasn't arrived yet.


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I have found that very soft sports bras, combined with Tegaderm, work well for me. The Tegaderm keeps the tattoo safe from abrasion and the sports bras doesn't have the hard ridges like underwire so it's much more comfortable for healing.

Hope that helps!


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