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Ok, I am new here but reading thru other discussions, this is the one site I found where people actually seemed really knowledgeable. I have a tattoo I think is infected, and I really need some advice w it....

About a week ago, I did something very stupid.. I let a friend of mine put a small tattoo on me in his apartment. He used an actual gun, and tattoo ink. But the inks were in little pots that had been used before, not bottles. During the tattoo, he kept wiping it with a washcloth that I'm pretty sure wasn't even clean.. Before u judge, I will admit some drugs were involved and both of our judgement was pretty clouded... I regretted this before even getting home that night...

The first couple days it looked to be healing properly but about the 3rd day i noticed the redness wasn't going away. About day 5/6 when it finally started peeling I noticed a small amount of what looked like puss. I attached a pic of what it looks like now. It is very tender and hot to the touch... 

I need to know what I can do for this at home? Going to the doctor is out of the question because I don't have insurance and I recently moved here from out of state... i dont know what to do :// ive heard that peroxide and alcohol are huge DON'TS but what about maybe witch hazel?? I'm starting to freak out.... 


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I won't even touch the issue of how this tattoo happened and no one in their right mind here will give you medical advice for what sounds to be an infected tattoo.

Unless properly treated, an infection can lead to death. This is no joke. Plain and simple, go to an ER or doctor. There are clinics that will provide care for people who have low income/no insurance - find one. Now.

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