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Movie theme

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What do y'all think about movie themed large pieces? Sleeves, etc. 

I've got a large leg piece and am thinking about doing a horror movie theme on the other leg. 

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That's the beauty of can get whatever you want. :) Just like any tattoo, you better want to live with it forever. The horror theme isn't for me but I always appreciate a well executed tattoo.

What do you have on your other leg? What movie(s) are you thinking about for your horror theme?

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    • Welcome! Those are sweet tattoos. I say do both. You can have it all. 🙂
    • My artist has done my sleeves and my legs, but I occasionally go and get a tattoo from someone else. I love his style, and I want him to finish what he started on my sleeves, but I like fill-ins from others. Just depends on what you want.
    • I personally prefer going to different artists, unless you want to build on a themed sleeve,etc,etc yes there is a lot of good talent in so cal,  it all depends on what style you are interested in getting,
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