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blackngrey let me stay

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hi tattoofans and friends,

im zoi from sweden, something around 28years young and just found this forum.

im tattooing for about 10years, and for now my favorite style is blackngrey. customletterings i did for many years but screwed it down to focus more on realistic stuff.

i plan to move to the states hopefully pretty soon and maybe its possible to find usefull information, contacts or a place to work.

check my works on my pages or social network.



instagram: mafiatattoo



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4 hours ago, JazzyMac said:

I especially like those roses! 


thanks man!

only work with reeeally light shadows if the customer wish so.

i personally like it darker so the tat have room to get little bit lighter over the years.

also i remember the customer to cream it regularly! so even the softest shadows stay solid.

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