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There seems to be a recurring topic on LST around "tattoo etiquette" that has come up over and over again from tattoo customers to tattooers to tattoo shops to tattoo designs to tattoo websites and the list goes on and on for various ways tattoos play a role in society today. So I though it could be an insightful and helpful platform to start a tattoo etiquette specific thread. For those who want to see other threads and blogs on this tattoo forum and ezine where this theme comes up type it into the search bar and you will find some good stuff LSTers have contributed. Its a theme that I don't think can be discussed enough.

The purpose of this is to provide a quick list type thread for people to read and learn about how to best "support" or be a part of tattooing. It comes from an old phrase "Intention VS. Outcome". I think many peoples intentions are good and not hurtful, however, the outcome often times is not what is meant. Multiple perspectives are going to arise regardless and there will never be everyone happy and/or supportive but if a foundation is created or rather discussed then maybe it can provide a more accurate perspective on how to be a positive person in the world of tattooing and maybe life as a whole. This could be from a first and/or only time customer to a long time tattooer or tattoo customer to how the "press" and companies interact with the world/craft of tattooing.

When I first started this thread I was going to create a list of questions but now feel it best to just let everyone have at it how you interpret and act on the above or other stuff. Thanks and we look forward to hearing everyones ideas and ways they support tattooing with I dare say the word integrity........

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As a "new" customer, i actually did some research into not only tattooing (styles, care, artists) but etiquette as well. I didn't want to walk into a place and say "I want this!" without any knowledge of whether it could be done well, it suited the artists preferences and talents, how the process worked, etc.

I think that's how you should handle anything involving forking over a big wad of cash for an item or service, especially one that will be on yourself permanently.

So, i think it's incumbent upon the 'buyer' to learn a bit ahead of time. Combine this with a polite, helpful 'seller' (who is forgiving of stupid questions from someone who earnestly wants to learn :) ) and ya can't go wrong, imo.

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