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I currently have this tattoo on my left bicep. 


I'm looking to get a peony tattooed on my right bicep (approximately the same size as the rose). I live in NYC, and was looking into Matt Beckerich at Kings Ave Tattoo. I like this piece of his:

Particularly, the purple peony. However, Matt only works on Wednesday at the parlor, and he is a bit pricey (approximately $250/hr). I was wondering if anyone knew of any artist/shops in the NYC area with similar skills/capabilities as Matt in creating peonies. Preferably, someone more affordable would be good too, but money is not really the issue. Availability of the artist is definitely a big plus--if they work evenings/weekends.

Please let me know if you have any advice regarding who I can get the piece from!


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12 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

BTW, I have a peony from Mike Rubendall that I adore...

Do you have a picture of the peony? I'm familiar with his name; though, I might end up going with Rose!

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