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Hello I am very concerned about my first tattoo I just recently got 5 days ago from today here is a picture of the tattoo. Just wanted to know if this is normal my skin is popping out around and it looks a bit bubbly the skin itself is not mushy or watery or anything but just looks bubbly when I wash my tattoo the skin feels tender. Also have some yellowing around and oozes a little bit of fluid and it is tiny dots not a lot of oozing or anything it doesn't seem to have any color but my skin on some parts looks yellow under my phones light. Right now I have the tattoo drying I haven't put any aquaphor since this morning I have washed my tattoo out 3 times today since 10 am it is 4pm. Not sure if I should keep applying the aquaphor? Or let it dry?? Somebody out there willing to help me out? Thank you! 


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