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Things to do in San Francisco


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I have booked the flight and I am currently booking appointments with the artists who I want to get tattooed by in the bay area.

So, is there anything I should try to see or do while visiting? I know there are many SF residents on this board, so I'm hoping you guys can give me some tips.

I'm visiting the third week of September by the way.

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i live in oakland, but i lived in sf for 7 years, and i still work there too. there's definitely a lot of great things to check out. anything in particular that you are into and would want to see?

a list of my favorite things would be:

-the academy of science in golden gate park.

-conservatory of flowers in golden gate park.

-walking across golden gate bridge.

-walkin' and shoppin' in china town.

-baker beach. beautiful view of golden gate bridge.

-dolores park in the mission. this is where all the sf locals and hipsters hang out on most days, especially nice ones. great spot for people watching and a general idea of sf culture, i guess...

music venues to check out:

-the great american music hall


-the hemlock

-bottom of the hill

-the eagle tavern

-submission art gallery

-the knockout

-the regency ballroom

good bars:

-zeitgeist... directly next door to blackheart tattoo.

-the buckshot... great collection of original hand painted flash from current and past tattooers including sailor jerry, heath preheim and more.

-molotov's... good local bar across the street from idle hand tattoo.

-the kilowatt. locals bar.

hell, i could go on and on....

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Awesome! Thanks Jeff.

Walking across the bridge is definitely on my "to do" list along with visiting the Alcatraz prison.

Other than that I'm hoping to catch some of the essence of San Francisco by visiting areas, bars and music venues that you don't necessarily find in the tourist guide. Hoping to catch a show or two with some local bands. I'm also a big fan of just hanging out in a park on a nice day. I'm guessing dolores park is my best bet for this.

Your post was right on. Thanks!

How is the teperature and weather mostly at that time of year by the way?

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September will still probably be warm and sunny during th day, with fog in the morning and evening. basically, t-shirt and jeans, but bring a sweatshirt and/or jacket with you, and maybe throw in a pair of shorts. during the early fall months, the temps can still be in the 80s, even in SF!

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oh and for art museums check out SFMoMA, the DeYoung, Asian Art Museum, Contemporary Jewish Museum, and the Museum of Folk Art and Craft. if you make your way over to Oakland, be sure to stop by the museum I work at, Oakland Museum of California. We've got a killer Art and History gallery (our Natural Sciences gallery is closed right now for rennovations).

there's a TON of smaller, independent galleries too, but i think we've given you a lot of options already.

oh! and if you walk across the bridge, it's worth spending some time hiking around the Marin Headlands on the other side. there's some killer views and cool, old army base buildings you can explore.

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hmm I got some tips!

Eat at Emmys spagetti shack, pasta madness! cheap..

and front porch (more fancy)

drink really good coffee at Four Barrel coffee and watch all the hipsters beeing hipsters..

Drinking, beauty bar,killowatt,Elixir, up on valencia theres alot of really good divebars just ask around and people will know whats up that day..

and you have too get scarred by the bushman! i saw him down by fishermans wharf when i was there.

and City Lights bookstore!! Beatnick historic bookstore..

Amoeba Record store! fuck there is so much stuff!

just shop around in the vintage stores.. one on every corner almost..

The Haight!..

you are gonna love San Francisco! best city in the world!!!

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Wow! You guys are awesome!!

I am predicting it will be a busy stay. Wish I had two weeks instead of one, but I don't think my wallet agrees.

Nicky; Getting around on a bike sounds like great idea. Is is possible to rent one you think?

I might swing by your museum Ms.Rad. I'll have at least one trip to Oakland as an old friend of mine moved there with his wife a few years back.

Hogg; It looks like I'm getting an appointment with Grime. I sent Scott a request today, and I'm also hoping to get in touch with Lehi.

I have been in contact with Cris Cleen, but he said he wasn't going to be in SF during my stay.

I might also drop by Temple when I'm in Oakland to see if Corbin has time for a minor piece, but I'm not getting my hopes up on that one. I'm guessing he has a waitlist like everybody else.

A trip to Santa Cruz is also extremely tempting, but I have to bear in mind that I only have one week. Would love to check out the O'Reilly's and Lovedog shops though, and also see if anyone had time for smaller pieces. They probably wouldn't, but it would be fun to just go out and see the shops. If I can afford renting a car for a day it might be executable. If not I'll just have to save that trip for next time around.

If I get to do close to half of all this it will surely be my best vacation ever.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

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a bike would be the best thing in the world! there are a few places that rent them, i'm sure a good google search will yield positive results on that one.

keep us posted on your stay while you are here. if the stars align maybe we can get an LST pow wow together or something and you can show off your souvenirs.

either way man, have a blast!

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bike rental is totally possible, I know you can rent near the panhandle where GG park starts. somewhere on fulton st i think. If all else fails you can definitely hit fishermans wharf, as painful as that will be....sounds like you have full agenda..have a blast dude, SF is an easy town to have fun in for sure.

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You can rent a bike from Blazing Saddles on Columbus where they provide a map to bike over the bridge to Sausalito. You can the drink on the water at Horizons which has the most amazing views of SF, Angel Island and Tiburon and then ferry it back to the city. Definitely recommend getting out to Stinson Beach and/or Muir Woods and/or Mt Tam while out here. And you definitely gotta check out Bush Man at Pier 39 for laughs.

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Hot damn, all sorts of great ideas for fun stuff to do in not only SF but Oakland, and Marin/Sausalito.....when it gets closer let us know the dates and a reminder and we'll try to arrange a LST get together. Regardless it'd be good to grab some coffee and meet you. Look forward to seeing a travel blog after the trip on LST?!?

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What the fuck?? Haha! Please elaborate Robin.

Thanks for all the other tips though.

this guy is awsome! haha

almost crapped my pants when he scarred me!

wtf!! grime,scott,tim,cris n corbin.. im so fucking jealous!! in a good way!

have the best trip man and be safe!

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I didn't even realize you had written this when I recommended it. Great minds think a like! My friends and I would just sit and watch him scare people. It never gets old!

yes!! :)

we sat behind him for hours and just laughed our asses of haha.. tried to talk to him but he just mumbled something and told us to fuck of hahaha

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