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Another question about foot tattoo experience

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I just scheduled an appointment with an artist in nyc. i'm planning on getting two tattoos, one of them is a tattoo on the top of my foot. similar size/placement:1f30d689b610fe63bb0e7fca1cfbfe36--floral

i already posted a question about how tattoos in this location stand the test of time (didn't get any replies...so feel free to chime in about that).


now, i know foot tattoos are painful AF to get...but i'm wondering how painful they are in the hours following the tattoo. i don't live in nyc. we're taking a trip there and the appointment is mid-day. so after the appt, i'd like to be able to walk around the city some more. is my foot going to be really sore though? what was your experience? 

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I have 2 foot tattoos and the latest one is big. The first one did not heal well and needed a touch up. I went right to work the next day, had a telfa pad over it but it slipped down. The last one I was off (in December) and wore flip flops for a solid week. It healed nicely. Pain wise both were fine during and after. A small one may be okay to walk around with after.

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I use Tegaderm for all my tattoos. It's a sticky plastic, waterproof film that you can leave on for days while your tattoo heals. I got one on my foot in NYC and this is what I did:

1. I put Tegaderm on after the tattoo. Left it on for 6ish hours before replacing it because of all the tattoo juice build up.

2. Left the second application of Tegaderm on for 3 days. I was able to shower, I even went for short jogs during this time period. I found light exercise was ok, but I was afraid to slay myself in the gym in case excess sweat loosens the Tegaderm.

3. Replaced the Tegaderm after 2 days the third time. Left this one on for 4 days straight.

4. Replaced the film one last time and left on for 2 days. 

Total time under Tegaderm: a little over a week. I did not have to deal with scabbing and itching on my foot. The colors healed bright and fresh.

Looking at what you want to get on your foot, I will say this: Colors tend to fade on the foot because the skin constantly gets beat up from the constant walking, standing, running, etc. And it will fade more quickly if you like to frequently wear flip flops in the sun. I don't think the tattoo you want will hold up very well over time because there are no black outlines in the flower and the colors will blend into your skin tone when they fade because they closely resemble the color of your skin. If you choose to stick with this design, sunscreen is paramount to protect the colors if you wear flip flops/sandals a lot, and lotion to keep the colors moisterized. 

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