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this is so awesome for me that it needed it's own thread.

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It’s been a long road, and soon I will start the next chapter on this adventure of mine.

I was laid off from a job I had for 21 years in July of 2016 because of downsizing, I left there on good terms believe it or not. Thanks to the Human resources manager and general manager, they were both willing to and did give me great references the entire time I was job hunting.

To back up a little, my job search actually started in late 2014 as I knew the company I worked for was doing badly and was in the process of barely surviving, downsizing, maybe going under.

So I had started applying big time, I knew I wanted to work for the state of California, or county of Sacramento, or City of Sacramento, and I also told myself that I never wanted to have to cover my tattoos again, like I did with the job I had.

After countless applications and interviews, and a couple seasonal jobs and used up unemployment, and several offers from a variety of places, mostly part time, no benefits, limited term, low pay,etc,etc.

So fast forward to July 2017, I finally got a job offer from an application I did in May of 2015!

After all this work and trouble, Not only did I get a good offer, it was the PERFECT offer!

I start August 21st with the County of Sacramento Probation Department !

Which is going to be 7am to 3pm M-F,

12.5 paid holidays,

2 weeks’ vacation to start(5 weeks after 5 years),paid benefits for my wife and myself, permanent  full time,good retirement pension, etc, etc.

I held out for a few things and got them, weekends off, I don’t have to cover any of my tattoos, and paid benefits.(those may seem trivial but they are important to me)

After a year of no permanent good work, this is really huge for me and my wife, any of you in the job search world, you know how important benefits, full time, and permanent are.

It took me almost 3 years of searching to get to this point.

So that’s my awesome news!

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Congratulations, Dan!! What great news for you both - and it sounds like the position meets all your expectations, and then some!!

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