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Tattoos inspired by music?

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I'm curious to see if there are others in here who have gotten tattoos dedicated to their favourite bands, singers, artists or just inspired by music in general? 

I love music, especially metal and rock. So my second tattoo was heavily inspired by the band Tool and their.. wierd artwork. It's been 7 years since I got this tattoo, but I still feel like it needs something more added to it. Just haven't gotten to it yet, I guess. 

The pic is from the day I got it if I recall correct. Didn't have a healed pic and couldn't be arsed to take one now, so I snagged this from my Facebook. It's not as crisp ofcourse, but it's still in pretty decent shape (thank god for SPF 50). 

Show me yours, there must be some in here :) 




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This one of Highway 61 is inspired, in part, by music. Dylan; blues highway ect... although it's also inspired by road trips and  the connection between northern MN and the Mississippi River. I also have a guitar with roses that Mario Desa made one me and a steal your face (grateful dead symbol) that I got in Vegas. My tattoo of red hot chili peppers is not inspired by music- that one is inspired by my love of hot peppers. 

61 crop.jpg

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Yeah, I've got many of them.. around 10 are directly inspired by music..  some of them though are only "indirectly" linked to music, like, I took the inspiration from Celtic folk bands, from musicians and so on but it was only a loose inspiration..

I've got one tattoo on my right chest (like, under the armpit, I never studied English so I lack the lexicon :4_joy:) which is a French phrase took from a song called Crier Tout Bas by Coeur de Pirate, but I don't have a picture of it.. I've also a simple tattoo from The Offspring but ok, no pictures right now, maybe in the next weeks, I have to take out the camera ahahah!!

Let me see if I manage to find some pictures ahah I'm not so technological :8_laughing:


This one (very old photo, my arm was almost entirely white ahahah!!) is more like an artist's interpretation of one of my favourite Evanescence (pre-Fallen) song, Imaginary, I gave him some hints and he based his work on Evanescence fonts and made this masterpiece by adding other things like the two curves under :) Btw, it's not in the lyrics, it's only the title of the track and it has many meanings to me. Amy Lee has never written a song containing that word as far as I know!


This other one on my back is also very old, it's taken from a song called Mental Central Dialog by Lifelover and it's in Swedish as the original. I let the tattoo artist (a girl 29yo like me, I think 24-25 at the time, the other guy above was born in the '60s instead XD) choose a font and wanted it completely black.


This is one of my very very first tattoos.. it's made with many adaptations with the Riot! font from Paramore, although the track is taken from their next album and it's called Anklebiters


Oh, and this one, I was still underage at the time, it's very very very very old XD the picture is a little bit distorted but I can't find another one.. anyways it's a Sami (Lapland) graffito (you use this Italian word too right? XD), I took it from Shaman/Korpiklaani (Finnish folk metal band) logo something like 15 years ago I think.. the photo sucks but it's still great with a rock-like design (the original is a bit different, I took inspiration both from the band and from the original Laplanders graffiti) :)

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I have a neo traditional Freddie Mercury portrait on my left calf - still fresh in the pic pinched from the artist's instagram. And my left arm is a collection of random tattoos that no one else would associate with music, but for me each is a representation of a favourite song of mine (so far they are all Queen songs...).



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