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This is my first post and I was hoping for some opinions.  I have one small tattoo from my USMC days but am looking for something more meaningful.  I have somewhat darker skin (i.e. light brown) and am looking to get something in my calf, lower leg area.  I want to get my family which consists of three dogs, my new 4 month old son, and my wife.  I would like all of their portraits somewhere in this area along with the word 'Family'.  It can wrap the whole leg if necessary as size isn't really an issue for me.  My main question is:  would this be something that is even feasible?  I understand one portrait isn't a big deal but what about five (with potential to add another down the road)?  I also don't just want 5 floating heads.  I'd like some artistic design incorporated which would be the artists choice so the portraits are cohesive.

Let me know your thoughts and if something like this would even be possible and still have a high quality look.  I am in Colorado but I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere to get this done.  Any suggestions for artists/shops are also appreciated.



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You can have your entire family tattoo'ed as the Last Supper plus the Sopranos, plus Goodfellas, with a dash of 101 Dalmatians if you so choose.  It's all about how you go about designing it (well, the artist's design, that is).  I'm not familiar with any Colorado artists, but there are plenty in Cali, Oregon, and Canada, eh?  

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Hey there! Welcome to the forum. My only concern is what you already called out which is do you have enough space to get all of the detail that you'd like on your calf. Portraits are super hard (IMO) to begin with, so artist choice will be paramount. I don't know the Colorado area well enough to suggest a portrait artist there but someone else may know. Have you looked at the image gallery here? Searched the various social media sites? Are you set on your calf? What you describe would look good on your back or on your thigh.


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An entire leg is certainly enough room to artfully put together a whole "sleeve" of 6-8 portraits - you just need to find the right artist and make the commitment. I don't really follow portraiture myself, so I can't help you with artists who specialize in such, but Colorado (especially Denver) is chock full of tattooists. Do some research on send us links for opinions/insight. 

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