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Healing question and general check in.

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What's up everyone? Since this place seems to be mostly questions about "hey, is my tattoo infected" these days I figured I might as well through something out in the genre. Ok, I know for a fact my tattoo is not infected. Anyway, it is healing weirdly and my thinking is that it will clear itself up over time but I wanted to see if anyone had any advice. 

My most recent tattoo was in April (I know, I know, don't worry I have an appointment with Mimi Wunsch scheduled in October). The tattoo is on my lower leg, kind of along the front shin but not entirely because- ouch. It started off healing just like any other tattoo with a couple of itchy peels and an brief rough patch after a few weeks. Eventually it healed and started the process of settling into my skin as with all of my other tattoos except that it has never entirely stopped healing. It isn't really peeling in the traditional sense but the skin just kind of keeps flaking off. It's kind of like my tattoo has dandruff. The lines are good, the color is good. Overall the tattoo is just fine except for the think layer of white flaky skin still covering it. Anyone else experience this? I'm thinking (hoping) that eventually it will settle down so I'm not too worried about it. Hell, even as it is currently I doesn't look too bad. Thoughts? 


Also, as long as I'm posting here I thought I'd take the time to find out what ya'll are up too? How was the summer? Are the kids back in school? Mine starts back up on Tuesday. We drove to Florida this summer which was mostly great and today I'm heading to the Minnesota State Fair which is an annual tradition. Otherwise not much coming up. We got a puppy recently- a little puggle mutt mix and I guess we have tickets to see A Perfect Circle in November. Did anyone else catch that At the Drive-In tour this summer? Damn, what a great F***ing show. I can't believe that summer is coming to an end. Winters here in Minnesota can be brutal but at least the Timberwolves should be better this year and I'm looking forward to the Lynx winning another championship this fall. 

How about you Lost Sparrow- what's going on with you? 

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