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Hello! First sleeve

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I was unable to post in the "tattoo advice" section so I came here.

I started out my first tattoo by getting a geometric triangle landscape tattoo... I never thought I'd really get much more but I'm almost at the end of my sleeve now. I never thought I'd get this far, but my arm is basically filled besides a little bit. I have no real style, my artist said it was a neotraditional-like sleeve, but with a twist on it.

Picture 1 (Shark, Poseidon, roses and compass)

Picture 2 (A sailor with a beer bottle)

Picture 3 (A geometric land tattoo, and a hammerhead/stingray kinda tattoo)

Obviously everything is kinda messy and not a specific style. I was thinking for my last pieces I'd do maybe an octopus, mermaid, kraken, maybe a treasure chest in the ditch? Not exactly sure...

But I'm not sure what to do for the background. Any advice?

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    • send us a link to your artist
    • One thing not to worry about is "being unique"....unless you or your artist just rips off another persons work, your tattoo will be unique. The classics are the classics for a reason. Have you considered a Battle Royale? A bit of a different take on the meanings but could be cool (do an internet search). Or if you are religious, maybe a Rock of Ages. I am throwing some classic ideas out just for fun.  What style are you considering?
    • Well i had that in mind actually, the problem is i can't find any good symbols that mirrors the words. 🤨

      Wisdon is easy = Owl.. 
      Truth, might be scale or something, but i think a scale is more of Justice.. 
      Honor, that' hard.. Maybe an animal, a Lion? 
      Compassion, hmmm a Rose? 
      Loyalty is hard to put into an image too.. :/ 
      Courage. that could actually be more like a symbol of mind because courage comes from sub-counciousness  :D 

      Oh. and the texts are not supposed to be in one big pile like in the picture i added. They will be split up, Honor, truth and loyalty will come near each other, 
      Compassion and wisdom are a pair, and Respect and courage a pair. 

      Or if im boring i will just list them on my back (joking) , because those texts or symbols to them are what i want. 
      They mean so much to me. There is always room ro fill in with something later. 
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