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How To Add To Tattoo

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Hello! Okay, so I got this tattoo as a cover up a good couple of months ago, and have been trying to add to to it so that it doesn't look a "giant ink spot" as everyone likes to point out. We've tried using white ink to define the curls in her hair, but the ink didn't stay very well and it didn't end up looking how we imagined (we were attempting for it to define the afro a bit). So now I'm out of ideas, and in search of some new ones, so if anyone has any please share!

Thank you a ton!






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1 hour ago, SStu said:

or make a big, black band around your leg. 

Is an actual shop doing that to you?

OUCH. True, but OUCH.

In all seriousness, don't do death by a thousand pin pricks. Get it lasered and find someone else to fix it right. Putting a big splotch of black on your leg is not how a coverup is supposed to work.

That thing is like a panther in a cave eating a chocolate bar. Good luck, the idea is actually kind of cool, just not well executed.

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Don't trust them, they think that's a leg xd

Seriously though, I think lasering & then a cover up would work, at least on the black? Ot have a blackout arm I guess (j/k, I don't know much about these)

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