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well-fed unicorn

Just hello - new member

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Hey folks, I'm Samantha. Everyone calls me Sam, so that's my default. I've browsed this forum before, usually to look at insight about different methods of healing. Got my first ink on my 25th birthday in 1989. But most of what I now wear happened after my 50th birthday a few years ago. I call my current count 21 tattoos. I tat around. I like that artists refer to someone like myself who wears various artists work as a Tattoo Collector. 

I love conventions. I'm not ashamed of the fact that Ink Master is one of my favorite tv indulgences. 

I'm in the South Jersey area, Philadelphia adjacent.


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Welcome to the forum!!! And that is one, awesome tattoo and picture memory!! I'm still a newbie to tattooing - have only two, both last year at age 61. I, too, must admit to enjoying Ink Master!  I live in northeast PA - just north of Scranton and only about 25 miles from the home of Ryan Ashley Malarkey. 

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4 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

Welcome. Your photo rules! Where was that taken? How did she react to your tattoo? That's so cool!!

Wizard World convention in Philadelphia this past June. Her reaction was fantastic. The photo op people and her handler all moved in to take pictures. It was put on her social media promptly.

It was a much better reaction than I had gotten two weeks before when I showed Mel Brooks my tattoo of him. He was just polite about it, called it "beyooteeful", hurried me along.

 Nichelle Nichols and I held hands while I told her why I'd chosen her for my first portrait tattoo and declared that she wished she was that beautiful. She also treated me to an autographed publicity pic back at her table. I'd only paid for a photo op, hoping that that might parlay into getting an autograph once I showed her my proud piece. She was lovely, gracious. 

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    • I think it looks amazing!!! I actually really really love it. Don't worry, it's easy to have tattoo remorse. Especially for bigger pieces-- really, you just need some time to adjust to the change. Hopefully soon you will start feeling it as part of yourself!
    • funny thing with me, in the 80's when I started getting tattooed, I started on my lower arms, from my biceps to my wrists first. LOL now they are everywhere on my body, actually in the last 10 years or so of getting tattooed I have been placing them in the most visible spots I can find, now running out of visible room. I'm lucky,my work is 100% good with visible tattoos and I love showing them in my work and personal life, many of my coworkers also have tattoos. I love the attention I get and conversations I have because of my tattoos.
    • Yep. It all depends on how the artist's design fits in/around your existing work.  In any case many laser techs charge by the minute (with a minimum), and both of those old ones aren't very big - so hitting the black shouldn't add much if any extra expense overall for each session. They are dark enough that you'll likely need 3-4 sessions to lighten it up a good bit. 
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