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first arm piece

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Been lurking for a while, first post. The information on this forum is so helpful - thanks to all of you.

I've been getting tattooed for over 20 years, starting with the obligatory celtic knot on my ankle in the early 90's (later lasered off). I took a long hiatus from getting tattooed and then dove in with a large back piece from Greg Whitehead in 2014.

I'd been considering getting something more visible for a while, but needed to wait until I could fully commit mentally. I'd been following Robert Ryan for a few years on Instagram, love all of his work, and knew I wanted him to do my tattoo. Finally took the plunge last weekend and couldn't be happier. The design is taken from one of his paintings, Bardo Thodol. We left the bottom of the tattoo intentionally open-ended so I can add to it later. Wonderful experience at Electric Tattoo in Asbury Park, great people all around, and VICE was there shooting a documentary on Robert for the Tattoo Age series. My tattoo might be famous! We'll see if it makes it into the final cut.

Anyway, great to be here!



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    • Hi everyone.    I know that my question may seem a bit silly and that someone could say to just use my common sense. I'm still looking for an advice.    Everyday we are getting more and more of sun now and everyone will be using screen protector for their tattoo. Last year when I was doing so I have found that every time sunscreen was leaving stains on the clothes. Yellow stains on white t shirts and grey greasy on colour. They are incredible difficult to get rid of and it's difficult for me to imagine that every person who's got a tattoo is struggling with this. Is there any way, remedy to avoid that? I just can't think of any and I actually feel a bit silly to come here and ask for something like this.
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