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Hi fellas just joined the community.

I'm a big Chelsea supporter and am looking to get a tattoo of the old style badge on my calf (pics attached). I am of Indian origin so I was wondering how to decide whether to get the tattoo in colour (blue) or not and was looking for advice in this regard. Also, still deciding on whether I want it on the front of the calf or the side so if anyone has any tattoos on either please feel free to post them!



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9 hours ago, carefree1905 said:

Cheers Dan- will the colour blue come out okay on the skin? 

LOL yes ! blue on your skin tone will look great,should look fine,

but it will also depend on the ink that is used and the style of the tattooer.

remember colors stay looking better kept out of the sun and use of good sunblock.

you should try to chill and relax,it's a good idea for pre-tattoo mindset 


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    • welcome ! what island ? and we will need pics of your tattoos ! 🙂
    • Hi everyone, my name is Joseph and Im a tattooaholic. one day when I was 23 I realized...."I can do whatever the F*&K I want" and got a tattoo. then another one. and another one. and now im two sleeves deep with a calve sleeve and a full leg sleeve on the way. along with several pieces on my back and chest. absolute addiction along with weight lifting. its helped ward of depression and releases serious endorphins, the effects of a recent tattoo last several months. glad to be part of a large tattoo community and looking forward to contributing to the site. cheers everyone!
    • I think it looks amazing!!! I actually really really love it. Don't worry, it's easy to have tattoo remorse. Especially for bigger pieces-- really, you just need some time to adjust to the change. Hopefully soon you will start feeling it as part of yourself!
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