Hello, any recommendations for tattoo artists in Chicago/Illinois area?

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Hi everyone, so I'm looking to get my first tattoo and as I'm sure is the case with lots of people, I want it to be more or less perfect, at least in terms of its style. I'm really into blackwork and dotwork type tattoos. I'm not much of a fan of color or even grey shading. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a tattoo artist in Illinois that is really good and specializes in these types of tattoos? It doesn't even have to be in Illinois just somewhere close by. The type of tattoo I'm looking to get is a ship/pirate one.

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    • in all honesty it looks like a perfectly natural part of the healing process
    • Looking really nice man, Scott does great work. Also, I think the 3/4 sleeves look awesome!  Looking forward to your next set of photos.
    • Ok! Hi. I can’t seem to post a new topic for some reason. I have had lots of tattoos and I’m crying right now. I had this tattoo made last Sunday so a week ago. And I haven’t had any problems with big ass crisps etc. And no blood fluids or anything. Yesterday it was looking fine healing wise and today the dead skin started flaming off (have not pulled anything) how has this happened??? This looks awful 
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