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New to Tattoos, Need Help and Advice

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I do not have any tattoos yet, but I am thinking about getting my first two over the thanksgiving break.  I want to get a very small simple cross along the outside of my index finger, and then the same cross (but smaller proportionally) on the inside of my pinky finger.  My brother passed away and so did my good friend, and so I want to remember their lives in this way.  I've heard that these might be related to gang symbols though and I do not want to get a tattoo like that if it is.  Does any one know if that is true or not?


*I have attached some images to show you where and what the tattoos would look like.





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First thought;    Hands do not heal well, especially the sides of fingers. Even a tiny little cross like that, will probably need to be touched up atleast once. As a tattooist I always warn people of getting those areas tattooed because well simply put.. they heal like shit. 

Second thought;  The sides of your fingers hurt pretty damn bad, and I would not recommend getting your first tattoo on your finger. 

Put it somewhere else, somewhere that you can hide when you want and show it off when you want. That was your brother, get something that every time you see the tattoo it instantly reminds you of him.. 

Just my opinion, best of luck. You came to the right place to ask questions.

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Agreed on not starting on a sensitive area. Think of something with padding. Bicep under your shirt sleeve, shoulder blade ect.

The larger the area, the better it will stand the test of time. Anything the sun hits will age quickly.

My ink is very personal. It is for me and no one else unless I choose to share it. 

Read as much as you can. Study lots of pictures and take the time to find a very good artist. You deserve the artist who works by appointment and not the guy who processes walk ins at a volume rate.


Hope this helps. Just one old guys .02



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