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Hi guys!

I `m planning to tattoo but  I doubt if it sounds just like what I want to say. 

So the whole meaning is that "Don`t look for the sense (meaning/sound) in this inscription (tatoo), better try to find it in your life" - what is better? sense (meaning/sound) ?

And the other problem is that It's too long. I assume the following one: "Don't make the tattoo more than your life is" - вoes this make sense without context?

So I can rely on Native Speakers' opinion exclusively.

Thank you for your help!

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"Don't look for meaning in this inscription; better to try to find it in your life."

--this one works.

"Don't make this tattoo more than your life is."

--this isn't really grammatically correct. it should be something like: "Don't make this tattoo mean more than your life does." Or, "This tattoo shouldn't mean more than your life does."

But it's a hard idea to convey in words. @Gingerninja has a good idea. Is there an image that could represent this?

Cool idea though: images don't always mean.

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Ohh thanks! And what do you think about "Don't make it more than your life is" - Is it enough clear without the context?

Smth like Don't take a look at my tattoo so close as if it makes more sense than your entire life does


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2 minutes ago, scottyg said:

Yeah, the meaning is clear, but in context you would still need something like: "Don't make it mean more than your life does." That would be clear to the reader.

Or, "don't try to make it mean more than your life does."

"Don't make it mean more than your life does" - excellently ! :))Thaaank you a lot))

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If it means something to you, then it doesn't matter what others think.  Welcome to the forum!!

I opted to go for the visual representation....my last name is Volk - which translates as Wolf in Russian. :14_relaxed:


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