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I am new to the forum. I have been searching for advice for a tattoo of mine which has gone wrong, and after searching the web, I came across this forum and thought it seemed like a good place to ask.


I will start a thread in the relevant area for that question when I can.



Edit: Ok, I don't seem to be able to start a topic in any other areas, so I'll post my problem here if that's allowed.


I had a tattoo of Christine, the car, from the Stephen King film done on the inside of my arm. When I returned to work a couple days later, I was washing the tattoo at work, but didn't know that there was a cleaning agent in the water to help staff clean their hands, and I have been washing a fresh tattoo with this. As a result, I have ended up with 1st degree chemical burns and damage to the tattoo.


The damage is as follows. The red ink in areas has become patchy. In other areas, the red ink has darkened down to a purple. Some areas it is a combination of both of these. Some of the finer details are blurred to the point where it's like an out of focus photo, and some of the other finer detail areas have actually been erased completely!!


My tattooist says they think they can salvage it, but I can't see how they can get it back to being a vibrant red when the ink has darkened down so much. Am I wrong in thinking this, or is trying salvage this going to be an absolute nightmare?


I have tried taking photos but they don't come out very well unfortunately.


Thank you

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This is a photo of when the tattoo was done. I couldn't get a photo clearly showing the damage done though. But half of the red towards the front of the car is what is distorted and damaged. I know it's not a reaction to the ink as I've had tattoos from the same artist with the same ink previously which were fine. 


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