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I'm new to this forum and am looking for advice. Is it rude to ask an artist to use different inks? The heavy metals in many of them will cause a lot of problems with me so I found some that are made without it. 

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Just tell your artist about your reaction/allergy/whatever to certain inks and ask if s/he could use other pigments instead.  No one likes being told how to do their job, but this sounds like a legitimate request and one that I hope would garner some empathy.  Keep in mind that not all inks/pigments are created equal, and your artist may have a strong preference for something other than what you suggest.

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Okay thanks. I think I'll just let them know what the potential issue is and see what he says. I for sure don't want to undermine his expertise at all or come off like I'm telling him how to do his job. I'm not partial to a particular brand or anything.

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